Remonte - R1473-14

Remonte - R1473-14

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  • Interchangeable insole insert

    • More comfort thanks to extra soft, removable inserts
    • Comfortable wear thanks to shock-absorbant materials
    • More space for your own, individual inserts
  • Remonte-TEX – water-repellent upper

    • Protection from the wet and cold thanks to water-repellent TEX membrane
    • Maximum breathability – no sweating, no freezing
    • Optimum moisture wicking
    • Keeps feet warm and dry
    • Healthy environment for your feet on cold and humid autumn and winter days

  • Comfort width – more space for your foot

    • Comfort width for normal to wider feet
    • More freedom of movement for your toes
    • More space in your shoe
    • Stable sole for wider walking surface and a solid stance


    Genuine leather – quality product

    • Supple materials individually adapt to your foot
    • Perfect environment for your foot thanks to the natural leather
    • The leather we use is robust and durable